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Tiny Teaching Rhyming Time, Inc. is a company in the early learning industry.   We provide teachers, parents and caregivers with early learning teaching tools that can be used to introduce lessons to their kiddos in classrooms or at home.  Far too many children are not eager to learn and found that adding music to the mix made learning and teaching much more fun for everyone. 

Our research indicates that when music and art is incorporated with education it creates a well-rounded environment for children to learn and thrive.  We at Tiny Teaching Rhyming Time focus on creating fresh new alternative teaching tools that get kids engaged, entertained, and excited for successful learning. 

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The Hip Hop Adventures of Circle Top And Friends STEM

Our goal is to incorporate learning with fun.

Our Mission

We want to bring about a teaching style that creates an impact on how children learn and retain lessons taught to them. We aim to produce original educational content that brings value and a whole lot of fun.  

Our Vision

Empower, Challenge and build self esteem of preschoolers while making them laugh and have fun.

Our vision is to create STEM educational plays that are accessible to students and is a resource to assist in children success.  

We call ourselves the Tiny Teaching Rhyming Time Team and we love teaching math through Hip Hop. Our approach to learning is to look through the lens of the songwriter and educator.

What do you get when you put a geometrical dream, math, STEM learning and social issues together? The Hip Hop Adventures of Circle Top and friends, an educational hip hop show.


“The Story Teller”

It is hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

“Lacks Confidence”

She keeps herself from her full potential by not believing in herself.
Square Head Stem Play

“The Bully”

He terrifies people at times and makes things very uncomfortable.

“Lacks Nutrition”

Eats bad foods and loves to tell people what they should eat and shouldn’t eat.

“Know It All”

She knows everything there is to know about everything. She wont allow anyone to correct her.

“Peer Pressure”

He tries to get children to do things that may be right or wrong. He Controls frequencies and is in love with drones. What do you get when you put a geometrical dream,
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